Company Profile

In 1992 due to rising cost of labor and supplies in Taiwan, our plastic injection molding production facility was moved to Thailand and TTS Plastics Co.,Ltd. and T&K Plastic Co.,Ltd. were formed.
TTS has responsibility for raw materials and production, while T&K
is responsible for supervising labor. Overall corporate management, import/export and research and development remain in Taiwan.

The recession of 1997 in Asia caused enormous economic loss
in Thailand as well as throughout Asia. The damage caused by
the recession produced a favorable climate for export industries in Thailand, especially those with labor-intensive production. With the devaluation of Thai currency, Thailand became a very competitive player in this industry.
We believe that within the few years there will be
an influx of businesses seeking partnerships
with established factories in Thailand.

Our History

Quality and services is the core of product development at TTS.

- 1991 Established with 50 Millions Thailand Bahts
- 1993 Established T&K Plastic Co., Ltd.
- 1997 Built 100,800 Square Meters New Factory
- 1997 Streamline with Painting, Printing, and Assembly
- 1999 ISO9002 Certified
- 2000 Built 2nd Injection Plant
- 2002 Invested New Land for Future Expansion
- 2003 Building New Warehouse
- 2003 Expand Finishing Lines and Equipments.
- 2003 ISO9001:2000 Certified
- 2005 Increased Vertical injection over-molding machine
- 2005 Established new Travel accessories department
- 2005 ISO14001:2004 Certified
- 2007 Established "Steam Heat and Cool injection" technology
- 2009 ISO9001:2008 Certified
- 2011 ISO/TS16949:2009 Certified
- 2018 ISO14001:2005 Certified
- 2018 ISO/IATF16949:2016 Certified

Quality Standard

- Quality Assurance Testing & Evaluation
- Secure Modernized Facilities
- On Time Scheduling & Delivery
- ISO9002 Certified
- ISO/IATF16949:2016 Certified
- ISO14001:2015 Certified
- ISO19011:2011 Certified




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