- Adient & Summit Corporation Ltd.
- Adient (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Adient South Africa Proprietary Ltd.
- EGR Oakmoore Pty, Ltd.
- Faurecia Argentina S.A
- Great Form Products Co.,Ltd.
- Reydel Automotive (Thailand) Ltd.
- TFP Industries Co.,Ltd.
- Vandapac Co.,Ltd.
- Visteon Automotive Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
- Wisdom Autopart Co.,Ltd.


- Acula Technology Corp.
- Benchmark Electronics (Thailand) Pcl.
- Canon Prachinburi (Thailand) Ltd.
- Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
- Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd.
- Freedom Scientific DBA VFO
- Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Fukui Kasei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- GOH (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
- GPV Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Hitachi Consumer Products (Thailand) Ltd.
- Hoppy Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Hudson Manufacture (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- IWA Packing Industry Co.,Ltd.
- Kanayama Kasei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- KBG Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-Mahajak Air Conditioner Co.,Ltd.
- OKI Data Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Optelec B.V.
- Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Polyfoam Suvarnabhumi Co.,Ltd.
- Poly Vision Precision Mould (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Samhwa Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Sharp Appliances (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Shimohira Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Sumitronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Tenma (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Thai Steel Cable Public Co.,Ltd.
- Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- Toshiba Consumer Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
- World Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Traveling Case

- Advance Luggage Thai Co.,Ltd.
- High Trend Industries (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
- High Point Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
- PT.Formosa Bag Indonesia
- Tumi After-Sales Service
- Twinkle Leatherware Co.,Ltd.
- TWT (AM) Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
- Thule Inc.
- Vocier GmbH
- Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.




The production facility in Thailand comprises a 100,800 square meter factory with 110 injection machines, 26 assembly lines, 1200 employees and a 28,600 square meter warehouse.

The largest of our products is injection molding for 60” television sets with three layers of quality control.
Our company provides the best technical expertise available, responding quickly and decisively to our customers’ production needs.



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